Maecenas luctus lectus

ed to us to be off.As we mounted the steps the ▓shrieking folk took t

o their heels and▓ tumbled through the doors of th?/p>

坋 cottage, or over the ends

Etiam posuere augue

of the veranda▓, leaving only a few decrepit crones and gran▓dsires t

o keep us company. ● Here was no such welcome as

the Irish▓man had prophesie

Fusce ultrices fringilla

d; but first impres●sions count for little in the Orient, and w●e sa

t down to await developments.For a time the▓ drivel

ing ancients stared vacantly

Nulla luctus eleifend

upo▓n us, mumbling childishly to the▓mselves.Then there arose a

chorus of excited ●whispers; around the corners of

● the bungalow peered gapin


g brown faces t●hat disappeared quickly whe

n we made the least m●ovement.At last a native whom▓ we had not seen before advanced b▓ravely to the foot of the steps. “Go●o’ evening,” he stammered, “will y▓ou not go way There is not plague in the ▓monastery.” “Eh!” cried James, “We’d be● more like to go if there was.” “Bu●t are the sahibs not doctors〃埍 queried the Burman. The suggestio●n set the Australian choking with laughter●. “Doctors!” I gasped, “We’r●e sailors, and we were sent b●y Damalaku.” The babu uttered a mighty▓ shout and dashed up the steps.T▓he fugitives swarmed upon the● veranda from all sides and crowded arou▓nd us, laughing and chattering▓. “

They all running way when you co


  • ming,●” explained the spokesman, “because the▓y thinking you plague doctors and they ’fr●aid.” “Of what” asked James. ?/p>

  • 瘛癝ahib doctors feel all over,” s●huddered the babu, “not nice.▓” 382Our errand explained, ●the interpreter set off to annou

  • nce ▓our arrival to the head priest, and the grinning● servants squatted in a semicircle about us.▓ Suddenly James raised a hand an

  • d poin▓ted towards the breach in the wall. “Seem●s other beachcombers know this graft,” he▓ laughed. A burly negro, dressed

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